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creative production + optimization platform
Produce in 2 minutes what used to take 2 weeks
Creative Automatic is a self-serve production platform that helps graphic designers, agencies, and creative operations generate the matrix of ads needed for a successful digital marketing campaign, with supersonic speed. Produce everything you need to advertise, across all platforms, instantly.
What you get
Free Full-Access 7 Day Trial
Unlimited Ad-Generation
Design Your Own Custom Templates
Template Onboarding Support
Use Our Pre-Built Templates
Auto-resize creative across 40+ placements
Unlimited Downloads
Leverage Google Web Fonts
Upload your own fonts
Brand Scraper
Spreadsheet Support for Bulk Production
Digital Asset Management Library
Full 24/7 support; we're here for you
Why it matters
Save time producing creative variations
Improve campaign performance
Make your clients look good
Segment-relevant messaging
Try various copy to learn what works best
Happier + Faster Design Experience
No more stressin' about design updates
Produce more than you thought possible
Trusted by agencies, brands, and graphic designers
"Creative Automatic allows us to combine art and science, using algorithms for all facets of digital advertising. The team has worked with us to optimize their automation engine based on our client's real world needs and deliver impactful results." - Shane Taylor, The Version 2
"A lifesaver!! Creative Automatic allows me to create 100's of beautiful ads in less than a few minutes! " - Alex Kanner, TapSocial
"Creative Automatic allowed us to create new revenue streams. It was easy, with Creative Automatic, for one staffer to create thousands of professional ads." - Adam Heimlich, Chalice AI
Some Use cases
Quickly Turn 1 design into 40+ different sizes
Save your designs as templates, define dynamic elements, and easily produce thousands of unique variations
How much does it cost?
Free 7-Day Full-Access Trial Included
No Credit Card Required
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