What are some advantages of static display creative?

Static display creative refers to non-animated image-based ads, such as banner ads or Facebook ads. These types of ads are made up of a single image that is not intended to move or change in any way. Some advantages of using static display creative include:

Cost-effective: Static display creative is often less expensive to produce than more dynamic forms of creative, such as video or HTML5 ads. This makes it a cost-effective option for small businesses or campaigns with a limited budget.

Simple to create: Static display creative is relatively simple to create and can be generated by self-serve platforms like Creative Automatic.

High compatibility: Static display ads are widely compatible with various advertising platforms and ad servers, making it easy to serve them to a wide range of audience. Producing a matrix of creative sizes allows you to supply the inventory for a wide range of platforms.

Easy to test and optimize: Static display creative is easy to test and optimize because producing a wide range of creative variations helps fuel the optimization engines. A/B testing can be done with different designs and messaging, allowing marketers to quickly identify the most effective ad variations.

Can be very effective: While static display creative may not be as flashy or attention-grabbing as more dynamic forms of creative, it can still be very effective at getting the message across. They are good at communicating simple message, they can be very creative and visually appealing which can drive engagement and conversions.

Greater control over the creative: With static display creative, the designer or marketer will have more control over how the creative looks and can create a desired look and feel that aligns with the brand and message that they want to communicate.

Static display creative can be a good option for a range of campaigns, it can be used as part of a larger advertising campaign, or as a standalone option, they can be simple but effective and affordable option to communicate a message. Designing and testing with static can help understand what is working from a high-level perspective before you dive in to rich media.