Common Ad Tech Phrases

Ad Exchange: A digital marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade ad inventory. Ad exchanges act as a bridge between DSPs and SSPs, allowing them to connect and conduct real-time bidding.

Ad Server: A software platform that is used to manage the delivery of ads to websites and mobile apps.

Ad Tag: A small piece of code that is placed on a website or mobile app to enable the delivery of ads through an ad server.

Ad Viewability: A measure of how much of an ad is visible to users when it is delivered on a webpage.

Attribution Modeling: A statistical technique that helps to identify the most effective marketing touchpoints in driving conversions.

Behavioral Targeting: A form of targeted advertising that uses data about a user's behavior, such as browsing history and search queries, to deliver relevant ads.

Campaign: A set of ad inventory and targeting strategies that are used to achieve a specific business goal, such as driving website traffic or sales.

Click-through Rate (CTR): A ratio that measures the number of clicks on an ad to the number of impressions.

Conversion Rate: A ratio that measures the number of conversions (such as form fills or purchases) to the number of clicks or impressions.

Creative Optimization: A process of using data and technology to optimize the content of an ad for each individual viewer in real-time.

Data Management Platform (DMP): A tool used to collect, store, and segment data about users and their behavior.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP): A tool used by advertisers and agencies to buy ad inventory from various sources, such as ad exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs).

Display Ad: A type of ad that is delivered in a graphical format, such as images or banners.

Frequency Capping: A limit on the number of times an ad is shown to a particular user over a given period of time