Boost Performance

Boost Campaign Performance
with Creative Optimization

This post focuses on improving digital marketing campaign performance. Here are a couple of actionable tips you can implement to improve your return on investment ( ROI )  while making your workflow more efficient. There are many factors that contribute to your return on ad spend ( ROAS ). I dive into creative optimization and how it can improve engagement ( click-through-rate or CTR )  and performance ( cost-per-action CPA ).

The more sizes, the better.

Pros: Increasing the number of different banner sizes improves campaign performance. Building the top 3 ad sizes ( 300×250, 160×600, 728×90 ) is essential, but there is also a lot of competition for that inventory.  Leveraging additional banner sizes improves campaign performance by providing the advertising platforms the inventory they need to optimize. If the advertising platform you use wants to show an ad to someone, but it doesn’t have the right size in its inventory – that is a lost opportunity. 


Cons: Without Creative Automatic, this process can take time and usually requires a professional graphic designer to adjust your design from size to size 

Change it up to find what works.

Imagine you are selling fruit from a fruit stand and only sell bananas. If someone walks by and wants an orange, you have lost a potential sale by not having that orange. Having a variety of options helps improve success. This is similar to your creative. 

Pros: Having various messages and imagery helps optimize towards what works best towards achieving your campaign goals or key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Cons: Same as above

Try Creative Automatic's Design Studio

Creative Automatic Design Studio User Interface

Creative Automatic helps agencies and brands simultaneously improve campaign performance and production workflow by automating the creative production of all sizes at the same time. Unleash your creativity, free from the burden of individually modifying each size manually. Build all your banners, across all sizes, with creative variations, in a fraction of the time.