Feed-Powered Creative

Your Creative Designs + Data Feed =
Hundreds of Unique Ads across all placement sizes, in seconds.

Design custom creative and populate it with a product feed or spreadsheet of variations.

Upload a feed / spreadsheet of data ( .csv file ) and link it to different parts of your creative. It is easy to try different headlines, Call-To-Action ( CTA ) button text, background images, or colors. 

You can easily create ads for all of your Shopify products, car dealership details, or real estate properties. Design what you want and replace dynamic elements with your feed data.

How do I create ads for all of my products? Upload your Spreadsheet.

Name your feed and upload a .csv file of information. This information can include image URLs, hex and rgb codes for colors, and text. 


  • Try different headlines, CTA copy, imagery to find what produces greatest lift
  • Easily produce the creative matrix for all offices of an organization
  • Download creative assets for every product in your Shopify store 

Review your feed details to make sure everything looks good. Upload to your digital asset library and use it when designing your creative.

You can view, download, or delete any of your feeds for a clean management system.

Using creative variations across all ad sizes provides optimal inventory for Dynamic Creative Optimization and Retargeting campaigns. 

creative variations produced from a feed of products

Download Creative Assets for Every Size

Leverage all placement sizes – with creative variations – in a programmatic environment to achieve optimal campaign performance. Our platform helps small businesses, graphic designers, and marketing agencies easily produce the matrix of creative display banners they need to run successful marketing campaigns.

We combine your creative designs with your unique data to produce hundreds of unique ads across all placements sizes, in seconds.

Try Creative Automatic's Design Studio for Free

Creative Automatic helps agencies and brands simultaneously improve campaign performance and production workflow by automating the creative production of all sizes at the same time. Unleash your creativity, free from the burden of individually modifying each size manually. Build all your banners, across all sizes, with creative variations, in a fraction of the time. Upload and leverage feeds of unique information to further expedite your creative production.